Sturda Deployer

The Sturda Deployer is a key enabler for the safe installation of the Sturda Backfill Barricade and the Sturda Ventilation Wall

How Does It Work:

  • The Backfill Barricade or Ventilation Wall is assembled horizontally on the deployer arm while the deployer is in the rest position
  • The Deployer is moved into position using a forklift. Once in place, the arm is deployed hydraulically until the Backfill Barricade/Ventilation Wall is completely vertical
  • Once the barricade/vent wall has been fully sealed with shotcrete, the Deployer is removed and ready to use again


  • Allows for worker to remain safe distance from brow
  • Reusable
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maneuver

*Can either be purchased or rented at a monthly rate