Sturda Backfill Barricade

The Sturda Backfill Barricade is a patented fill fence that can be installed in close proximity to the brow.

How Does It Work:

  • The Sturda Backfill Barricade consists of a steel frame with a mounted geotextile membrane.
  • The Backfill Barricade is installed in close proximity to the brow using the Sturda Deployer
  • Dywidags are deployed pneumatically to pin the geotextile to the contours of the brow.
  • Shotcrete is used to seal the perimeter, ensuring containment of the backfill.
  • As fill is poured into the stope, the pressure acting on the barricade is decreased due to the larger decanting area of the barricade membrane


  • Engineered for continuous pour of plug
  • Installing the fence directly at the brow eliminates the need to resill the area
  • The Backfill Barricade reduces amount of shotcrete
  • The Backfill Barricade can be installed without any drilling
  • Reduction in labour hours needed to install Barricade

Design allows for customizable heights and widths to accommodate opening size.

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